Friday, April 17, 2009


This is an experiment to create water filter using simple material. Also useful for reducing the fluoride in drinking water. This has Terra Preta Nuggets / balls made from clay and charcoal (charcoal obtainable from use of gasifier stoves (like Magh-1 woodgas stove), has the capacity to filter fluoride and also other harmful pollutants. The maximum surface area created through use of Terra Preta Nuggets, sand, pebbles and other gravel are helpful in reducing the pollutants. The Terra Preta Nuggets can be made easily at home by the respective users as all the material is available locally. The pet bottles are available in plenty (water bottles / cool drink bottles) and can be used for creating the these filters. The cost of each such filter will not be more than $0.25 (USD) of Rs. 10.

The technique and design can be further improved.

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